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ID Code: 8447 K

House Sovinjska Brda, Buzet, 120m2


ISTRIA, Sovinjska brda, a small village with only 11 houses!!!
A house and outbuilding located close to the house are for sale, all surrounded by a 2379 m2 garden. It is an older house made from stone, renovated 12 years ago and it is possible to move in immediately. The house is a three bedroom apartment with a living room.
The outbuilding has been renovated to the roh bau phase, a new roof and inter-storey concrete structure have been made. This outbuilding is a two bedroom apartment with a living room.
For all other information please contact our agent on 00 385 91 170 4654 or at

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Sanja Peruč
Sanja Peruč
Agent with license


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